Evolving Change.
Securing the Future.

A personal Message from our CEO

As many may know, I take the hospital’s reputation to heart–quite literally. SCK Health has been indispensable to so many people, including my extended family.

When my uncle, Keith Broce, suffered a cardiac event, he was revived twice and stabilized at the hospital before being transferred to a heart hospital north of Ark City. Had it not been for SCK Health, it is unlikely he would have survived the trip.

An hour away may not seem far to drive for some healthcare needs, but when every second counts, you want quality care, close to home.

I know our family is forever grateful the hospital was there when we needed it.
With the new SCK Health Foundation’s campaign—Evolving Change. Securing the Future.—we will be positioned to accomplish even more for our families, friends and neighbors.

With the SCK Health’s strategic plan in place, the right team and the support of this community, I truly believe we can build on the hospital’s history—providing medical services to Cowley County and surrounding communities—and see this facility become one of the best rural hospitals and clinic systems in Kansas.

Join us, as we ensure the future of this community by providing quality healthcare, close to home.

Jeffrey Bowman
Chief Executive Officer
SCK Health

SCK Health has been part of this community for more than a century.

The fact that it has stood the test of time is a testament to the people of Cowley County and surrounding areas.

Recently, the hospital has been building momentum as we identify, pursue and achieve our goals of providing quality healthcare—with an emphasis on care.

We take the business of medicine very seriously, but we also do so with the compassionate care one would desire and
compassionate care one would desire and expect for themselves and their loved ones.

For example, in the last several years, we have increased the number of healthcare providers by 125%. We currently have three rural clinics; new, state-of-the-art labor and delivery suites; and have added many new staff members.

These critical improvements, implemented over time, demonstrate our deep commitment to maintaining and expanding quality healthcare close to home.

“Until you have lived a tragic moment you do not know how important it is. I went from broken, to a wheelchair, to a walker, to a cane, and now I am walking. That is a testament to the staff and care at the hospital. I am walking proof of this hospital’s great care!

~ Pam Miller, patient

Our Mission

SCK Health excels in providing high quality, accessible and complete healthcare close to home.

Our Vision

The first choice for premier healthcare in Cowley County and the surrounding area.

“From the first interaction at the front desk to the examination, I was treated with professionalism and respect. I was not expecting the comfortable, caring environment the staff created, it really put me at ease. They made me feel like I was right where I belonged. The staff at SCK Health talk to you, not at you. They care about you, and it shows.”

~ Kenny DiVall

Little Things Make a Big Difference

In his iconic book, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell explains how little things add up over time to create a watershed moment—a dramatic shift, marking a pivotal change of course.

This is where we are today at SCK Health.

We have been wisely, quietly and consistently making incremental improvements that, together, are creating a tipping point of enormous significance.

Who we were five years ago, or even last year, does not fully represent who we are becoming.

In fact, if you haven’t been to SCK Health recently, you haven’t been to SCK.

Every Patient Matters. Every Second Counts.

There will always be bigger facilities farther away, but when it comes to providing the best healthcare possible, every second counts.

The hospital is currently an economic and unifying leader for the community. Its success helps attract families and businesses to Ark City. Not only does it provide employment, but educational opportunities for local students interested in the healthcare profession, which is critically important at this time to address our local needs in the face of a national shortage in medical staff.

Having a quality medical center in Ark City not only offers better healthcare outcomes for patients, but greater peace of mind for the entire community. In fact, just driving by the newly expanded hospital will give families and businesses a greater sense of stability and security, knowing we’ll be right here when they need us.

SCK Health is on the precipice of something great, and with a campaign–Evolving Change. Securing the Future.—it is poised to push us beyond our many subtle improvements to make big impressions worth celebrating!

SCK Health Strategic Objectives

  • Exceptional customer service
  • High-quality care
  • Workplace of choice
  • Financially sound
  • Serving more residents in Cowley County

Evolving Change. Securing the Future.

Our goals have been identified as part of a larger strategic plan.

Whether the goal is capital expansion or an endowment to support staff, services and facilities, ultimately, everything we seek to do is about improving patient care and outcomes.

Evolving Change. Securing the Future. will provide funding to help attract and retain physicians, healthcare providers and other professionals to the area and support the hospital in fulfilling its strategic initiatives


Medical Office Building – The current occupancy of buildings at SCK Health is at capacity. Currently, SCK Health pays upwards of $25,000 a month to lease the additional office space required to fully function. There is land available to expand SCK Health and create a visible, easily accessible office building for healthcare professionals to serve their patients. This medical office building expansion will also free up urgently needed space for more medical and specialty clinics to offer a more customer-oriented environment.

Early Learning Center – Cowley County does not have enough childcare facilities to serve the community fully. SCK Health is planning to collaborate with local organizations to build and operate a new center. This will be an enormous benefit in attracting and retaining hospital employees from all over the area.

Equipment – The hospital has identified the top equipment needs through 2023. Monies raised through the capital campaign will be used to support the replacement of the following:

20 Hospital Beds

New, state-of-the-art beds will provide improved features to enhance patient comfort and increase early mobility and ease of patient care.

32 Intravenous Pumps

The current pumps were brought from the previous hospital and are no longer supported by the manufacturer. These units provide needed fluids and medications with precise measure.

C-Arm Imaging Scanner

Radiology equipment is critical for orthopedic surgical procedures and will replace the current C-Arm which has reached its end of life. This is used during the surgical procedure to check placement of orthopedic items and alignment of the affected areas.


With the establishment of the newly formed SCK Health Foundation, SCK Health is demonstrating its commitment to excellence and permanency. Building a strong endowment is the next step in underscoring this commitment to the community.
An endowment will support the hospital’s programs and services beyond its normal operating expenses. A fully funded endowment could provide scholarships for students interested in pursuing healthcare fields. SCK Health scholarships could help create a pipeline for local professionals to live and work close to home.

  • Number of Patients in 2021 (as of 11/30): 701 Surgeries: 978
  • Inpatient Days: 4,425
  • Emergency Room Visits: 4,952
  • SCK Clinic Office Visits: 10,125

Economic Anchor. Community Partner.

SCK Health is already a cornerstone institution in the community.

We all need this state-of-the-art medical center to grow and thrive. Evolving Change. Securing the Future. will help make this possible.

  • Capital: $2.5M
  • Endowment: $1M

Total Goal: $3.5M

SCK Health is blossoming into the vibrant health organization once envisioned. The ship has turned. Now that the work of fulfilling the vision of becoming a health organization that can meet the needs of its community and beyond is within reach, we are launching a foundation; and we are inviting everyone to join us in securing quality healthcare, close to home.”

~ Dan Jurkovich | SCK Health board chair