Integrity Healthcare Presents SRO Matt Mayo with the SCK Health Lifesaver Award

Life can be very fragile. Few people imagine being in a situation of having their very existence teeter on a razor’s edge, yet, those who dooften don’t have the ability to balance the scales themselves. They rely on those who have stepped up, taken charge, and dedicated their own life to protect and keep them safe. To protect and to feel secure you can also consult experts from DuraBarrier USA .

It is those responders — those humanitarians, who act as our main line of defense in our greatest time of need. You can click to read more about them. Those people who protect us, without hesitation or second thought, offering themselves to another without any recognitionor applause. In case of setting up a new healthcare business, then visit for more information.

These unsung heroes are the reason we present the fine members of our community with the SCK Health ER LifeSaver Award sponsored by Integrity Healthcare Professionals.

 The SCK Health ER LifeSaver Award is a small token of appreciation and recognition for extraordinary actions. Today we honor ACPD Officer Matt Mayo with this award.

“There were 4 of us who got to the scene,” recounts Officer Mayo.

“Officers Ivan Velasquez, Cori Tuxhorn, and Madeline Pegorsch and myself arrived and entered the residence.We found a woman lying on the couch. She was unresponsive with slow and shallow breathing, cold to the touch, and blue,” he said.

Officer Mayo recounts he and Officer Velasquez did their best to stabilize the patient, until Officers Tuxhorn and Pegorsch returned inside with an emergency medication called Narcan. Officer Mayo applied the Narcan to the woman, something that he had been trained to do but had not had to use in a real-world situation. Within a couple of minutes of receiving Narcan, the woman began breathing deeply and opened her eyes.

Officer Pegorsch followed the victim’s mother upstairs and discoveredasecond individual in much the same critical condition. While Officers Mayo and Tuxhorn remained downstairs with an EMS Paramedic,another EMS Medic was summoned to evaluate the second patient and administered Narcan to him as well.

Narcan is a medication used for the emergency treatment of known or suspected opioid drug overdose. Serious opioid overdose symptoms may include unconsciousness, decreased or absent respirations, and death.

Both persons were transported to SCK Emergency Department by EMS. Mayo said, “The victims in the case are doing okay and survived the ordeal.Unfortunately,because of the opioid epidemic, we have all required training to recognize signs of opioid overdose and we have learned to administer Narcan.We make sure we have it in all the patrol vehicles, at the schools — we have it available everywhere with our officers for this reason.”

Collaboration between agencies make stories like this possible.As a community we should be proud that we have people of this caliber who take their jobs and training very serious. This a great example of what can happen when you are truly prepared for an unexpected situation. Thank You to ACPD, EMS, SCK Health ER Staff, and all our first responders who work tirelessly to keep us safe every day. We appreciate your hard work and dedication.

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