Jeff Bowman, CEO announces retirement

Jeff Bowman, CEO of SCK Health announced that due to his recent
diagnosis of avascular necrosis he will be retiring on December 15, 2023, to spend
time with his family.
Mr. Bowman wrote in his September 1st letter to the Board of Trustees, “I cannot
thank the board enough for the opportunity given to me to lead SCK Med Center. I
was given the chance to lead the hospital in the community where I was born and
raised. I will always look back on my time here with affection, satisfaction, and
pride in our accomplishments. We have done what many would have told us we
could not do by recruiting fifteen providers to join SCKRMC. We have built a
health network with a specialty clinic, occupational health, and rural health clinics
and rebranded the organization as SCK Health.
In the ever changing healthcare industry, we have worked diligently to secure the
new Rural Emergency Hospital – that will make SCK Medical Center viable and
sustainable in the future.
My responsibility will be to place SCK Health in the best position possible. I
would like to see a smooth and effortless transition for the continued success of our
organization and for the people I have led and served. We have a talented team at
SCK Health, and I am proud to have worked beside every one of them!”

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