Schedule: Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM, every 5th Saturday

Pay: Starting at $14.50/HR

Responsibilities & Duties
1. Answering multiple phone lines.
2. Send patient cases to clinical staff as phone messages come in.
3. Follow specific polices for all providers.
4. When scheduling appointments, carefully screen patients for new addresses, new phone numbers, new insurance, any and all new patient information within the chart.
5. Daily chart prep (see chart prep instructions).
6. Patient reminder calls one (1) day prior to scheduled appointment.
7. Check for deceased patients each day in the newspaper and/or funeral home websites.
8. Fax patient paperwork into Athena (see instructions).
9. Check patients out continuously throughout the day.
10. Informs patients of any existing balance noted in the computer and requests that the patient be prepared for any payment due at time of visit.
11. Verifies method of payment for service (Medicare, private pay, private insurance, self pay forms, etc) and collects data and/or payment as appropriate.
12. Call all no show patients and documents why patient no showed.
13. Complete no show letters and documentation as requested.
14. Maintain the lobby and reception areas in a manner that is organized, neat, and clean.
15. Check drop boxes for out dates needing to be returned to clinical areas. Maintaining prescription pick up log book.
16. Checking Drug Reps in and out of the clinic.
17. Maintains established department policies, procedures, objectives, quality assurance, safety, environmental, and infection control.
18. Assists in the care and maintenance of department equipment and supplies – alert Office Manager of any equipment malfunction, etc.
19. Attend scheduled department staff and clinical meetings.
20. Exercises utmost diplomacy and tact to provide excellent customer service for patients; practices confidentiality and privacy protocols in accordance to clinic policies and HIPAA requirements.
21. Closing duties (see instructions).
22. Check emails multiple times daily.

• Above average interpersonal communication skills; ability to deal with public, patients, and fellow staff in a pleasant, positive, professional manner.
• Ability to disconnect from negative attitudes, negative behavior, and not feed into but, add positive to the situation.
• Highly developed attention to detail and organization skills, preferred.
• Ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines while keeping a calm exterior and welcoming environment.
• Ability to cross-train in other functions, if necessary.
• Working knowledge of basic communication software.

Physical Demands
• Frequent lifting and carrying items weighing up to 30lbs.
• Combination of sitting, standing, bending, light lifting and walking.
• Exposed to unpleasant elements.
• Requires the ability to manage stressful situations.
• Occasional stress from varying demands.

Working Conditions

• Involves frequent personal and telephone contact with patients.
• Work may be stressful at times.
• Interaction with others is constant and interruptive.
• Contact involves dealing with sick people.
• Well lighted, well ventilated, work space.
• Exposure to communicable diseases and other conditions common to clinic settings.

Contact Information
Krista Carrillo | Human Resources Manager
620-441-5902 |