Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Demonstrate an attitude and behavior that coveys to our patients and coworkers that our relationship with them is valued and important.
  2. Get a complete intake on each patient each visit. Instructions for proper intakes are given to every employee at hire.
  3. Reason for visit, vital signs, medication list, problem list, and vaccines must be done before the chart can be moved to “ready for provider”.
  4. Assist providers during patient appointments to maximize productivity and efficiency including room the patient, obtaining and documenting required vitals, preparing for examinations and procedures, collecting accurate patient histories, preparing orders/forms related to surgical/diagnostic procedures, assisting during exam and/or procedures. Relay instructions and information to patients and their families as directed by the provider.
  5. Do quality measures on each intake.
  6. Patients must have a minimum of three (3) vital signs each visit.
  7. Work through personal and provider staff inbox throughout each day.
  8. Return phone calls and patient cases on days they are received from patients regardless if you have an answer.
  9. Responsible for timely communicating test results to patients.
  10. Responsible for proper documentation within charts of phone conversations with patients.
  11. Responsible for timely processing all prescription refill requests from providers, patients, pharmacies, and vendors.
  12. Be able to assist providers in ordering, coding, and scheduling if and when needed.
  13. Assisting providers with Minor Surgeries when needed; including setting up sterile procedures.
  14. Responsible for cleaning and upkeep of work areas including work-up stations, desks, and provider work-stations.
  15. Responsible for cleaning clinical areas and medical instruments in accordance with practice, manufacturer and OSHA protocols, between patient visits to maintain infection control and tidiness; ordering, sorting, storing medical supplies; restocking exam/procedure rooms so that each room is fully functional at all times an according to practice protocol.
  16. Checking exam rooms and minor surgery rooms for out dates once monthly.
  17. Restocking exam rooms weekly.
  18. Have working knowledge of performing EKG’s, lab draws, and in house lab tests.
  19. Cleaning and sterilizing instruments used by providers and or oneself.
  20. Making sure all needed paperwork is completed for each visit. Accident forms, self pay forms, consent forms.
  21. Attend scheduled department staff and clinical meetings.
  22. Maintaining an up to date BLS certificate.
  23. Respond appropriately to emergencies; work as a team member; recognizes problems with patients, staff, or operations and works quickly as a team member to resolve the problem. Identifies ways to improve practice operations.
  24. Maintain drug sample closet and refrigerators, chemical solution, checking expiration dates, keep organized, dispose of expired drugs accordingly.
  25. Exercises utmost diplomacy and tact to provide excellent customer service for patients; practices confidentiality and privacy protocols in accordance to clinic police and HIPAA requirements.
  26. Provider clinical support and coverage in other areas of the clinic when requested.
  27. Responsible for obtaining lab/imaging reports, hospital notes, referral information, completing forms/requisitions as needed.
  28. Complete assigned daily/weekly/monthly duties as assigned.
  29. Performs other duties, as may be required.

Physical Demands

  • Frequent lifting and carrying items weighing up to 30lbs. Unassisted, including assisting patients when required.
  • Combination of sitting, standing, bending, light lifting and walking.
  • Regularly exposed to risk of blood borne pathogens.
  • Exposed to unpleasant elements.
  • Requires the ability to manage stressful situations.
  • Occasional stress from varying demands.


  • Ability to multitask
  • Organizational skills

Working Conditions

  • A combination of medical office and exam/procedure room settings. Involves frequent personal and telephone contact with patients. Work may be stressful at times. Interaction with others is constant and interruptive. Contact involves dealing with sick people.
  • Well lighted, well ventilated, work space. Exposure to communicable diseases and other conditions common to clinic settings.

Contact Information
Krista Carrillo | Human Resources Manager
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