Position Requirements

  1. Adheres to hospital and departmental policy
    1. Maintains good attendance record
    2. Arrives at work punctually and prepared
    3. Follows dress code
    4. Observes confidentiality
    5. Adheres to safety policies
    6. Participates in continuing education
    7. Complies with daily staffing schedule
  2. Coordinates patient care
    1. Utilizes the nursing process
    2. Assesses the patient pre and post operatively
    3. Plans patient care
    4. Document patient care
    5. Collaborates with other members of health care team
    6. Acts as patient advocate
    7. Instructs and educates patient and family
    8. Participate in performance improvement activities
    9. Provides patient care
  1. Implements Patient Care
    1. Calls patients to give preoperative instructions
    2. Collects and prepares patient’s chart with necessary information for surgery
    3. Performs preoperative orders such as labs
    4. Administers medications
    5. Administer treatments
    6. Functions as clinical preceptor
    7. Transports patients, delivers patient specimens to appropriate area
    8.  Obtains blood / blood products from lab in quick and consistent manner
    9. Assists anesthesia provider as needed
    10. Provides patient comfort and privacy specific to all patient populations (i.e. pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric)
    11. Assist patients with elimination needs
  2. Functions as a Team Member
    1. Works with a positive attitude in support of the surgical team
    2. Works cohesively with other team members with a sense of urgency
    3. Handles daily requests in a timely efficient manner
    4. Offers assistance to all areas of surgery as needed
    5. Offers assistance to other areas of the hospital during downtime
    6. Covers for breaks and lunches as assigned
  1.  Acts as Charge Nurse when assigned
    1. Completes and adjusts patient and staff assignments so that care is delivered in a timely cost-effective manner
    2. Monitors workflow and adjusts assignments to assure optimum workflow
    3. Assure that unit and equipment are prepared and maintained
    4. Maintain productivity by assuring staff is doing appropriate functions and that assignments are logical
    5. Support and encourage staff
    6. Anticipate needs, problems and crisis before they occur and develop a reasonable action
  2. Coordinates Patient Care
    1.  Demonstrates superior critical thinking skills
    2. Uses the nursing process to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care
    3. Delegates’ patient care appropriately
    4. Documents patient care according to policy
    5. Educates patient and family accordingly
    6. Identifies and develops opportunities for performance improvement
  3. Information Processing and Documentation
    1. Communicates patient information
    2. Process physician orders
    3. Uses computer system as indicated
    4. Charges equipment and supplies
    5. Communicates effectively with manager, supervisor and others regarding any changes in the status of the patients or the unit
  4. Responds to Emergency Situations throughout the Facility as necessary
  5. Completes hospital wide in-services or tests as required throughout the review period
  6. Completes age specific testing competency and results filed with the Education Coordinator
  7. Demonstrates support to other surgery team members and physicians to create a system of quality care


  1. Must be a graduate of an accredited program of nursing.
  2. Must possess a current license as a Nurse in the State of Kansas.
  3. Must be certified in CPR.
  4. ACLS and PALS highly recommended

Contact Information
Krista Carrillo | Human Resources Manager
620-441-5902 | kristan@sckrmc.org