Warrender Trust Offers $100,000 Matching Donation

The SCKMC Board of Trustees approved an agreement by the Robert Warrender Trust, granting the hospital up to $100,000 for the purpose of physician recruitment.
March 16, 2018

Arkansas City, KS – A significant donation is being used as the springboard for South Central Kansas Medical Center’s physician recruitment efforts. The SCKMC Board of Trustees approved an agreement by the Robert Warrender Trust, granting the hospital up to $100,000 for the purpose of physician recruitment.

Warrender, a long-time teacher and resident of the area, passed away in 2007. Wayne Hamilton was named trustee of the Warrender estate, establishing the challenge grant fund through the Legacy Regional Community Foundation on behalf of the Trust. For every two dollars donated to the fund, the Warrender Trust will contribute one dollar.

“(The funds) can be allocated. If we don’t make the whole thing we can ask them for their part. For example, if we raise $50,000 we can ask for $25,000,” SCKMC’s Board attorney, Otis Morrow, explained during the meeting.

SCKMC has a long established relationship with the Legacy Foundation. The hospital currently has two other funds through Legacy, accepting both cash and endowment gifts. Cash fund gifts may be spent immediately, as opposed to endowment gifts where the main gift is never spent but permanently invested to provide income. Earnings from these investments may be used by the hospital for a variety of health related purposes, including physician recruitment. The Warrender Trust fund donations will only be able to be used for physician recruitment purposes.

“We will be using Legacy as the 501c3 so that we can have some accountability and give a tax write-off to the people who donate to our endeavor. The challenge to us is to create a fund that has $300,000 in order to attract someone that might want to come to Ark City to practice,” said Virgil Watson, SCKMC’s Chief Executive Officer.

The matching grant funds are only eligible for contributions received within 2018. SCKMC staff are working quickly to develop an awareness campaign while also bringing in community volunteers to maximize the time frame.

“I think it is important that the community and the Board knows that we aren’t just sitting here on our hands but we are trying to do something that can help our community. We will have a group in place to pick their brains, and who can help us work with the candidates and their families to welcome them to Ark City,” Watson said.

First year expenses for establishing a single physician within the community are estimated to cost upwards of $300,000. Estimated expenses include relocation costs, recruiter expenses, sign-on bonuses, and income guarantees. While such expenses would likely require all the funds raised through the challenge grant, SCKMC Board Chairperson Carol Hearne expressed to the group that the purpose was not to bring a single physician but to develop a strategic recruitment program for the community.

“This is not just a ‘one and done.’ This will be an ongoing campaign for continued recruitment,” Hearne said.

Individuals interested in contributing to South Central Kansas Medical Center’s/Warrender Trust Physician Recruitment Fund should contact Legacy Regional Community Foundation at (620) 221-7224 or donate online at www.legacyregionalfoundation.org. Legacy Regional Community Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit philanthropic organization. This means gifts to any fund held with Legacy are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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